How to join Amazon Associate Program | Make money with amazon | Urdu tutorial

Amazon associate program or Amazon affiliate program 

If the word affiliate is new for you then you should know first what is affiliate marketing? 

Amazon associate program which is known as amazon affiliate program is one of the most famous and trusted affiliate program worldwide. 
This article is specially for those who are newbie in this field and want to know how to join amazon | how to signup or register amazon associate program.

Step by step tutorial 

click on join now for free button showing in below image.

2) When yo click on join now free button you will be redirect to next page which look like image below. now click on create your amazon account button which is showing with black arrow sign.

3) after 2nd step you will see the next page where you have to fill the information , you name , email and password. remember one thing you must use your real name in which usually used officially because when you get paid your name will be use on check if you get paid by check.

4) after step 3 when you click on create your amazon account which is showing in above image you will be redirect to next page which is mention below in image. fill all the detail and click on next button.

5) After step 4 you will be redirect to next page which is mention below image. on this page you need to enter your website or app url and click on add button . you can add more than one website or app.

in step 5 add your website or app url and click on next button.

6) in this step you need to add some information about your website or app. you need to add description about your website or app and fill other fields as showing in below image. 

7) after step 6 you will see the page where you need to enter your number for identification verification. in this step when you add your number just click on yellow call me now button. 

when you click on call me now button then you will get a computer generated call where you need to add phone pin which is showing bellow call me now button in above image.

8) when you will verify your identity verification call by adding phone pin correctly after some seconds you will get congratulations message as showing in below image.

Remember if you are not getting identity verification call then please wait for few min and if call still not coming then contact with amazon support they will resolve your problem manually.

now click on finish button as showing in above image and you have done all now you are ready to use your amazon affiliate account.

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