What Is Affiliate Marketing? | 5 Best Affiliate Companies

What is Affiliate Marketing?
A marketing system or arrangement by which retailer (or owner of product) pay a commission to an external website or blog (your web or blog) for traffic (visitors) or sales generated from its referral (your web or blog) is called Affiliate Marketing.
In simple words even online or offline when you advertise any thing of any other person, group , company or organization and they get sales and you get commissions that is called affiliate marketing.

As we know Online Shopping rapidly increasing worldwide so sellers are using lot of new ideas to sell their products worldwide to increase their income, So these days affiliate marketing is very good tool.

Affiliate marketing also giving free opportunity to every one who wan to earn from home or even from any where in this world. There are lot of online businesses who offering affiliate marketing.

Top Affiliate Companies For Earn Money At Home
If you search the word affiliate or affiliate marketing in google search engine you will get lot of results for this word but you should chose one of the best affiliate programs who can give you more commissions.

Here are some top class affiliate program 

These all above affiliate programs are free to join from all over the world even  you can do this work from your home. There are lot of ways to promote your affiliate program which are mention blow.

1) Make your own blog or website with affiliate links
2) Paid advertising for affiliate links
3) Landing pages with affiliate links
4) Make your own video about your affiliate product which you want to promote
5) Email marketing is one of the best method to promote affiliate links

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