How To Make Money In Ourgv

This is second article about How to work on ourgv in first article you learn What is How it works? Join it free. in this part you will learn how to make money in ourgv by using ourgv benefit bar if you did not read yet about first part of this article the you must read it first then come back to this part for first part click here Because both are connected to each other now you will learn how to  use benefit home page which you will get within 3 or 4 days after joining of ourgv.

How to make money by ourgv

If you did not join ourgv yet then go to below link and complete your joining then come back and read this tutorial 

Step 1:
           When you join and also fill your scholarship form for free benefit bar home page you need to wait for some days to get email. ourgv will email you after 2 to 5 days of your joining and in this email you will find a benefit bar hoe page link and other login detail save this information.

The benefit bar home page link will be like this      on xxxx place there will be your benefit bar page number which will be different for each user. you will find your benefit bar home page like mention below.

Note :: click on image for full view 

on this benefit home page there are lot of things like social media , games, offers , surveys  and much more but these all activities are not for all countries so some activities will available for you to earn money or some will not available so don't worry about it.

 Step 2:
            The main thing in ourgv is benefit bar home page where all the activities are available for earning and the most important thing is to search words or any thing you want like we search in Gooogle but day did not pay us. 

Note:: Remember one thing you must do this search without spamming otherwise your account will be deleted.

Now let start to learn how to search with benefit home page 

Open your benefit home page when you start to use your computer laptop , tablet , mobile etc and make it sure on daily basis and even make it habit mean to say we usually search many things in daily use by google but we did not get paid but if we use ourgv benefit home page then we will get valuable income from our net surfing .

In above image you can see search button of orange color and along it you can see search field where you need to write any thing which you want to search according to your requirement once again remember this you must make a habit to use benefit hoe page all the time when you come to online for any kind of work even for fun.

In above image you can learn where we write word or phrase for search both arrows indicating this thing that where we write words for search. So write any word and click on search button of orange color as we write How to make a website.

When you click on search button you will see a new page will be open with search result in this page you will see two kind of search results one is sponsors ads related to your search and second are web results related to your search for help see image below 

As you know we write How to make a website and click on search button of orange color then you find the above kind of image in above image you can learn each and every thing and must follow these instructions which are mention by arrows indicators.

In above image you can see two kind of search result come after our search for How to make a website one kind of sponsors ads related to our search and second kind is web results so we need to visit 2 web results minimum and then one visit to any sponsor ads available in search result page follow above image for better guidance.

In below both images you will learn more about sponsor ads and web results please make sure it that you learn it very much and then start your work 

If you feel to ask any thing about this article or ourgv related concerns feel free to ask here in comment we will reply you as soon as possible.

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