What is Ourgv.com? How it works? Join it free

What is ourgv.com?
                                                  Ourgv.com is online business where people can participate from all over the world from home and they can earn real money without any risk. Ourgv.com is working from many years and paying to their affiliates and now its working globally and giving opportunity to change your life. Make money from home is not an easy task but Ourgv.com made it easy and secure for people of all over the world.                

About ourgv.com

The founders of OurGV Inc. represent a combined 40+ years of building successful businesses from the ground up. Frustrated with the lack of integrity, and seeming unwillingness of companies to take care of their most important asset, their people, a decision was made to start a new company. One that would be dedicated to having a positive impact on the world we all live in.
Taking every last ounce of their knowledge and expertise, the long process of research and development began. After several years of painstaking research & testing, OurGV.com was born.

OurGV stands for Our Global Vision, and that's exactly what the founders have, a Global Vision of creating the most powerful business concept the world has ever seen combined with the finest and most advanced personal growth business training in history. All of this was put together to help give back to the world one non-profit group or community at a time.

They were able to accomplish this initiative through the innovative business model of "Affiliate Marketing" creating the world's first true "work from anywhere" business opportunity. The two main philosophies of the OurGV family of companies are "Make Money...Saving the World." and "Take Our Technology and Make It Your Own!"

How to work on ourgv.com

Ourgv.com offer to Join it free and make money from home without any risk. Ourgv.com is multilevel marketing company which give you lot of options to Earn from home as a free member and also as a paid member.

This article is written specially for the newbies who want to join Ourgv.com. This is a step by step guide that how to work on Ourgv.com

Step 1 ::
               Click here Join it free 

When you click above link for free joining you will see home page of Ourgv.com which will be show like below image. For help follow mention below image with instructions.

Step 2 ::
                            When you click on signup button you will lead to next page for free registration on ourgv.com. Mention below the page for your help with instructions .

When you click on standard affiliate program which is showing in above page you will lead to this page mention below. Now you need to fill your required information. For help follow all images bellow.

In below image you can see referral information field which should be fill as in image because without referral you can join ourgv.com program so make sure referral id is written there in referral information field.

In bellow image you can see website package options field where by default free affiliate website and hosting package will be selected you can chose other package as your requirement but remember one thing first learn as a free member then upgrade your account because training is compulsory for your business.

After the submit your free registration you will see your complete registration information on next page which is mention bellow image. You need to save this information in your computer for further use.

Now you need to apply for Overgv.com benefit home page where you will work for you earning which is most important thing. Overgv.com is giving you this home page at free of cost you just need to fill scholarship form.
When you will submit your free registration form you will get your registration information which is showing in above image and in this information you will get your personal affiliate website link which will be like this   http://www.ourgv.com/multimedia           in place of  "multimedia" you will see your website name which you have entered on the time of registration so open your personal affiliate link after 5 min of registration and scroll down that page will show your affiliate information which is mention below image.  If this information is not showing then dont worry some time it take some time to active your affiliate information so refresh your browser page after few min you will see your information.

After open your personal affiliate link you need to click on scholarship button as showing in below image. and follow the all bellow image.
Note: scholarship form must be apply because without it you can not earn money on ourgv.com

When you complete your scholarship form and submit it you will see a message which is showing above and after this you need to wait for 24 to 48 hours for email in that email you will get  your benefit home page for work and that page will be like below page 

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