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Tripl clicks is one of the fastest growing E-commerce websites. This is an online store which i working from January 2009. In the beginning Tripleclicks started its work from one product and now 105562 plus products are available in this online store.
Gery Carson Founder of WWW.SFIMG.COM also is the founder of this online store who made this thing easy to every one that you can
shopping , play auction , Sell your products etc from your home.Triple clicks has many features for those people who want to earn money online from home without any investment because Triple clicks many free options to ever member. On Tripleclicks you can earn money , you can buy products , you can sell your products and can win penny auction .You can Join Tripleclicks Free It give an opportunity to every one that win its credit (Tcredit) free daily and you can use that credits on Tripleclicks. You can purchase products with those credits , you can play penny auction with those credits.
gift card
Tripleclicks Gift Card is the fantastic opportunity to get more and more leads for your SFI business. It is useful and great business tool attractive and affordable for every one. Tripleclicks Gift Card is standard plastic card like an atm card printed with redemption code which is for $12 in Tcredits and Memeber Rewards Points (mrp) As an SFI affiliate you can purchase these cards to distribute new people who are not already sfi members its mean you can invite any member who is not already a member of SFI .
gift card redemption code

You can see above image of Tripleclicks Gift Card when you purchased Tripleclicks Gift Card the redemption code will be granted you in your SFI account and physically card will ship you within 10 days or more/less according to your geological location . After purchased you did not need to wait for physical cards even you can use redemption code which will give you in your SFI account under option  Triplecliks Gift Card tracking . So copy those codes and send them to your friends , family member , co-workers etc and even you can advertise online or facebook , twitter etc.
One Gift card will give you 6 tcredits and 100 mrp free of cost and you can use them for shopping , auction etc. As a SFI affiliate you can give 5 gift cards to per member for redeem on tripleclicks and that person will become your PRM (Personal Referred Member on tripeclicks not on sfi ) If you want to invite to your PRM  on SFIMG also you should give this link to your PRM (Personal Referred Member on tripleclicks not on sfi ) who become your PSA (personal Sponsored Affiliate) on SFIMG for help see below image .
sfi converting link

In above image you can see to empty boxes so if you have made any PRM just give him and guide them that enter his/her Tripleclicks email id in first box and password in second box and click on submit button by this they become SFI member also.Remember if you invited to any one with SFI gateway links then you did not need to convert any one because they will automatically join at Tripleclicks as well as SFI.
SFIGURU is giving an opportunity to all those people who want to join SFIMG and they are not member yet they can get FREE TRIPLECLICKS GFIT CARDS and become team member with complete training and rewards.
If you are not a SFI member yet so you can get Free tripleclicks Gift Cards Just send us request at contact us form which is showing on this site  at bottom we will send you 5 Free Tripleclicks Gift Cards with complete guideline.  OR write comment below in comment box with your email.


Itzaz yousaf said...

Give me tripeclicks Gift card please

Itzaz yousaf said...

Give me tripleclicks Gift card please

ibrahim man said...

hello,this is my email :
and thank you

Lara Tomb said...

good post

Sulistya said...

How to get free t credit?this my .thank you

asim raza said...

Sulistya you should visit play tab in tripleclicks there are many ways to get free tc

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