How to work on SFIMG.COM Step by Step tutorial

SFI (Strong Future International) is US based company which is launched in 1998 and its founder is Gery Carson who is the most famous person in markeing. He Started SFI in 1998 and in start it was just affiliate site which is working now from almost last 14 years.
Its type of MLM company but totally different from usual LM companies because SFI Real Home Based Business. SFI websit url WWW.SFIMG.COM.
After WWW.SFIMG.COM SFI also started his online store on January , 2009 . Its onlin E-commerece store url WWW.TRIPLECLICKS.COM when it started there were just one product and now thousands of products are available on this store.
SFI is the most trusted and reliable Online Home Based Business as you read above its working from last 14 years which is so much long period of any Oenline Business.
The main purpose of this article to guide and trained new affiliates as well as old affiliates who dont know How to work on SFIMG. This is step by step tutorial for every one and specially for new users. If you are totally new for sfi then join under given below link and get Rewards and gift cards from your sponsor.


Remember  :: Read this tutorial care fully and completely if you missed any kind of improtant information then  you can loss somthing or you may not able to apply good tools.
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When you join sfi on your first day you need to learn some important things which we will disucss step by step .
First Day At SFI
1)  In frirst day you need to get 1500 versa points (vp) in first 24 hours. When you will collect 500 versa points you will get 200 versa points as a bonus and after that your points will be almost 700 and now you have to complete 1500 versa ponts by getting more versa points and we will guide you here how you do this all just read carefully and never miss your first day at sfi after joing just hang on and get benefits.
Let Start work on first day
Now you will learn with images that what you have to do on your first day of SFI REAL HOME BASED BUSINESS.
Step one
Here below you can see image of GETTING STARTED ACTIONS you have to do this first .

Step Two
First task 150 vp (versa points)
Now we will start to complete tasks so first task is Confirming your registration . for your help we have
mention with rectangle in below image. just click on click here which is showing in rectangle bar.

When you click on first task which is discussing in above image you will come to a new page which
will show like below image for your help see image below. Now go to your email inbox which you
have to use for joining SFI and open confirmation email which you will received from SFI . Note : if
you did not find confirmation email (not welcome email ) then wait for few minutes you will
received it and then open it and click on confirmation link for complete this task.

Step Three
Second task of 100 vp (versa points)
After first task we will go to complete 2nd task which is whitlisting so just click on this
task and you will go to the page you can see in below image. In this image you can see rectangle on the
right corner which is high lighting the green color V with 100 you just click on this V and then you will
get 100 vp (versa points).

Step Four
Third Task 75 vp (versa points)
Now you have to complete 3rd task which is completing your affiliate profile so click on this task and
then you will go to new page where you need to put some information and complete this task for your
help see image below

Step Five
Fourth task 35 vp ( versa points)
Now you have to do 4th task which is Marketing methods and aids for generating tripleclicks
sales so click on this task and you will go to the page you can see in below image. In this image you
can see rectangle on the right corner which is high lighting the green color V with 35 you just click on
this V and then you will get 35 vp (versa points).

We have presented first 4 task which will give you 150 + 100+ 75 + 35 = 260 vp (versa points). Now
you need to get 240 vp more for bonus of 200 vp in first 24 hours. So do some more tasks after 4th task
to complete 500 vp in first 24 hours.
After 500 vp you need to complete your 1500 vp and when you collect 1500 vp on first day you will get 2 CSA ( C0-Sponsor Affiliate ) we highly suggest you that you must complete 1500 vp in first 24 hours then you will get more than 2 CSA.
For 1500 vp you need to complete your all given tasks on To Do List ledger and also launchpad question answers which usually sfi user received daily after joining for 30 days in email. Take help by images below (If you will get all vp given on 3 images below it will good move to get more benefits in first month )

Daily actions, weekly actions, monthly actions
Now you need to work on daily basis so there are 3 kind of tasks which you have to do each month for
earning or increase your rank in SFI which are Daily actions , Weekly actions , Monthly actions.Click
on TO DO LIST  tab and image mention below will show you all these actions .

First task from daily action
click on “1/day For reviewing the TIPS tab” when page open scroll down it and click on blue button on
the bottom of the page and repeat this process for all tasks in daily action table. if you will click each
task in new window that will be fine and very easy to stay on main page but its up to you that how you
work. for your help image mention below.

You need to do all daily tasks same as above and you will get 10 points by daily actions.
Now you have to do weekly tasks which you have to complete weekly (in 7 days)
First task from weekly action
Click on any one option from this “30/wk. For sending group support messages via the PSA Mailer,
CSA Mailer, or Genealogy Group Mailer “ you can use any option from all once a week. it will give
you 30 vp per week.
So click on any one option like “Genealogy group mailer” which mostly we use then click on yellow
shaded rectangle area in result a popup window will open so type your message about SFI or you can
share your experience about SFI and remember never send message about any other site or program than sfi.See image below for help

Popup Window Below

Second task from weekly action
click on “5/wk. For reviewing your TConnect page ” and wait to open complete page then you can
view any thing there and this task has been completed so you can close that page. see below image for help.

Third task from weekly action
Click on “3/wk. For submitting a Stream post ” then you will go to new page its image is mention
below for your help. You just need to post a message on the empty box and click on submit button.

In sream post you can just post for your downline help never post other sites or programs.

Monthly action
Monthly action can be done after 2nd month . when you enter in 3rd month you can do this task its just
a rating for your sponsor.
Note :: Remember one thing you must visit T o Do List page daily and do Daily , weekly and monthly task sections its so important.
Also on first day when you join sfi you will see a contest bar at top of your web page which will be show like below image.If you want to increase image just click on below image.

Above image will show that you are in contest but if color is red then yoy are in danger if   color is green then  you are save so we will tell you how you can save in this contest and How you can pass E365 contest.

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