How To Maintain EA Rank Monthly In SFIMG step by step tutorial

This is a tutorial its consists step by step training with images which can be helpful for every one we are creating most demanding reliable and useful training material for down line and also  sfi affiliates who did not know or did not understand well How To Get EA Rank Monthly. Now here is step by step presentation of How To Get EA Rank Monthly. we have tried to explain this experience to down line or other affiliates. There are two kind of affiliates in SFIMG mostly the new affiliates and other are little bit old but they did not understand or know that how SFIMG work or How To Work On SFIMG. Kindly read notes carefully during complete tutorial because notes are specially written for your help.
Note : when you join SFI then after login read every thing carefully or follow this tutorial
carefully then get points because you have to mange your all versa points for better result.
There are two types of affliate one are who just join sfi before some days or before one day and second
types affilates are who have joined sfi from long time but they did not know well about it that how they
can get EA rank free monthly.
First we tell you about new affiliates who joined SFI newly so read carefully bellow.
When you join SFI you have many versa poins in your ledger by SFI and each user will get these points
onec after joining and when you collect them then they will not awarded you again. So collect all given points when you join SFI within 24 hours.
First 24 hours work after joining of SFI
Note: When you join SFI you can get 200 bonus vp (versa points) in first 24 hours you just need
to collect 500 vp ( versa points) but remember that you need to collect all available versa points after  500 vp
in first 24 hours. Here are below some image where you can see the all points in your ledger and also after joining
you will get.

In above image many versa points are showing which each user get once when join sfi so you need to get all above versa points in first day of joining.

First month is very easy to make 1500 versa points but from second month to get 1500 vp (versa points) is little bit difficult but not impossible. First month you will get 482 versa points by daily and weekly tasks but after 2 month you will get 492
versa points by daily , weekly and monthly tasks because monthly task will give you 10 points which
you can do after 2nd month of your joining. complete stats for daily and weekly tasks that how will you get 482 in first 2 month and 492 from 3rd month.
Daily Tasks Table
1/day For reviewing the TO-DO LIST tab (the page you're  on) A 1
1/day For reviewing the TIPS tab A 1
1/day For reviewing the STREAM tab A 1
1/day For reviewing the TRIPLECLICKS tab A 1
1/day For reviewing the SCOREBOARD tab A 1
1/day For reviewing the A2A tab A 1
1/day For reviewing the MOVERS tab A 1
1/day For reviewing the GROWTH tab A 1
1/day For reviewing the ASK SC tab A 1
2/day For checking out the latest items at TripleClicks A 2
Above table is showing that you can get 11 versa points daily . So 11*30=330 it mean you will get 330
versa points in one month by daily tasks.
Weekly Tasks Table 
30/wk. For sending group support messages via the PSA Mailer, CSA Mailer, or Genealogy Group Mailer
30/week; 120/mo. maximum points A 30
5/wk. For reviewing your TConnect page A 5
3/wk. For submitting a Stream post A 3
Above table is shoing weekly task which will give you 38 points per week (7 days) so you will get
38*4=152 versa points in one month by weekly tasks.
Monthly Tasks Table
10/mo. For completing the SFI/Sponsor/Co-Sponsor ratings form 10
Above table showing that you can get 10 versa points with monthly task Its men you can get 482 versa points per month in first 2 months after 2 months you can get 492 versa points by daily , weekly and monthly tasks.
EA mean Executive affiliate. When you get this rank then you become eligible to get commissions and other benefits by sfi.
As we write above that when any person join SFI he can get 1500 versa poitns easily in first month but from 2nd month it is difficut and also we write that you can get or collect 492 versa points in one month by daily , weekly and monthly task in each month. It
means you need more 1008 versa points minimum to get EA status. Now we will define how you can get these remaining versa points without investment. Tcredits are played very important role in SFI for earning if you know how to get free tc
then you can easily work on SFI and can ear huge amount without any investment.
Step 1::FREE TCredits awarded every hour ::
This option will give you free 2 Tcredits daily. How to win 2 Tcredits daily . Click on Learn more &
enter to win blue tab and then follow the instruction written there. Remember you can win 2 tc daily so
you should do this task after each hour as much as you can till you win 2 tc. Suppose you do this
task once but did not win 2tc don't worry you can do this task again after one hour 2nd time if you did
not win second time don't worry you can do this 3rd time and so on till you win 2 tc daily . for help
follow the images bellow

After above image there will be start count down time when time will be zero you will see enter
button on the right hand side in above image just click on that button. After winning of 2 tc daily you can win more read step 2
Step 2 ::Win FREE TCredits with Pick-The-Price ::
Pick the price (Guess the winning price) is very good option from which you can get Tcredits free. How it works when
any auction started then click on Bid now blue button you will go on new page. for help see images

You can pick the price of that auction before its price to reach one dollar and if your guess price will
match with auction ending price you will win 100 tc instantly but if your guess price will near to auction ending price you will win 25 tc instantly free. When you will win tcredits then you can easily get EA rank.Now we explain it how
Example ::
Suppose you won 100 tc in one month or may be early in the month its not an issue
because if you have 100 tc even in last day you dont worry. when you hold 100 tc you must go for bidding of any auction due to this you can win product and also you will win MRP (member rewards points) but when you have just 100 tc you should go for DP( Double member reward points) because simple auction will give you 5mrp-1bid but DP acution will give you 10mrp-1bid
100 tc = 100 bid (in DP auction ) then you will get 1000 mrp ( member rewards points)and alos you will get 100 versa points for 100 bids ( 1 bid - 1 versa point) . Now we tell you that MRP (member reward poitns) are also very usful you can use them for purchasing of any product from tripleclciks even you can buy tcredits with mrp and in result you will get versa points .
126 mrp - 1tc + 102 versa points So 882 mrp - 714 versa points
in result you will get 714 versa points + 7 tcredit
Now again we write stats here if you have 100 tc and you bid in DP auction you will get
100 vp + 714 vp + 10 tcredits
The above example was just for 100 tc each person can change these stats by increasing
or decreasing tcredits according their needs of versa points.
Now complete analysis for 1500 vp
Have 120 tcredits then bid it in DP auction and get 1200 mrp then purchase 9 tcredits
with 1134 mrp which give you 918 vp + 9 tc .
120 tc = 120 bids = 120 vp
1134 mrp = 918 vp
daily, weekly and monthly task vp = 492
120 + 918 + 492 = 1530 vp
Note :: Remember this you should have to purchase one tc at a time then 2nd tc and so on mean to say you did not need to purchase any tc pack because if you will purchase one tc at a time you will get 120 vp + 1 tc so if you purchase any tc pack then you will
get less tc .
Each affiliate can make PSA (personal sponsor affiliate) and if you have 10 PSA's and they all get 1500 versa points from 2nd month of joining then you will get 100 versa points for each PSA which mean you will get 1000 versa points. If your PSA is facing difficulties to get 1500 versa points then teach him/her about above training where you can get versa poitns by wining of tcredits.
Each psa who is teal leader that PSA will give you more versa points. Here mention below the detail
150For support of each personally sponsored Bronze Team Leader
200For support of each personally sponsored Silver Team Leader
250For support of each personally sponsored Gold Team Leader
300For support of each personally sponsored Platinum Team Leader
As you can see in above table each psa who will Bronze Team Leader then  you will get 150 vp so you can make an idea that how can  you get versa poits without investment .


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